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  • Auto Glass Tinting Prevents Automotive Theft

    Phoenix Drivers, simply stashing your personal items under the seats is not enough to prevent them from being stolen. Often, a savvy thief can break into your vehicle and steal your items before anyone even realizes your alarm is blaring or which vehicle the alarm is coming from. However, if the thief cannot see inside of the vehicle, they are much less likely to attempt the break in. Have a professional apply auto glass tinting film to your vehicle today and help decrease automotive theft in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Auto Glass Tinting Lowers Your Gas Mileage

    The Phoenix, Arizona sun can cause the interior of your vehicle to reach stifling temperatures, which means you will use your air conditioning often. However, when you apply auto glass tinting film to your vehicle, you cut your energy use by up to 40%. Keeping the interior of your up to vehicle up to 60% cooler means you use less air conditioning, which results in much better gas mileage, even in Phoenix.

  • Auto Glass Tinting Enhances Your Vehicle Appearance

    Did you know that in the case of an automotive accident, auto glass tinting film helps hold broken glass together, enhancing the safety effect of safety glass and protecting you and your passengers from flying glass. In addition, auto glass tinting film will enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle.

  • Auto Glass Tinting Enhances Your Vehicle Privacy

    There are several reasons to enhance the privacy of your vehicle. From preventing theft of the items in your vehicle to simply keeping your family safe from unwanted eyes. Applying window tint to your automotive windows will enhance the privacy of the vehicle. In addition, window tint will help to hold the window glass together in the case of an automobile accident.

  • Auto Glass Tinting Protects The Interior Of Your Vehicle

    Preventing UV Rays from penetrating into your vehicle is not just for your skin! The suns rays can and will destroy the interior of your vehicle over time. Including but not limited too, causing the seats to fade, tear or even burn, food and some plastic items can melt onto your dashboard, and the suns rays can even cause cracks in your vehicle dashboard. In Phoenix, Arizona the intense heat of the sun can make quick work of ruining your vehicle's interior. Having a professional window tinting company apply high quality window tint film to your vehicle will help to protect your vehicle interior.

  • Auto Glass Tinting Protects Your Family From Cancer and UV Rays

    The sun emits harmful rays known as UV rays. In areas like Phoenix, Arizona the sun can be very intense and these rays can be very dangerous and cause complications such as skin cancer. UV Rays are a major cause of skin cancer around the world, and auto glass tint can prevent up to 99% of those rays. Automobile glass tinting dramatically decreases the chances of anyone inside the vehicle developing skin cancer.

Prices Start as Low as $99-$199 for Phoenix Auto Glass Tinting

At Phoenix Auto Glass Tinting, it is our mission to provide the highest quality materials and service in the auto glass tinting industry for the lowest auto glass tinting prices. All of our Phoenix Auto Glass Tinters are not only trained in the proper use and installation of our high quality auto glass tinting film, they are also trained in the care and repair of auto glass. In addition, our auto glass  tinters are certified by some of the most prestigious associations in the auto glass tinting industry, like the Better Business Bureau and Chamber of



We Carry The Highest Quality Auto Glass Tinting Brands In The Industry

At Phoenix Auto Glass Tinting, we carry the most prestigious auto glass tinting film brands in the auto glass tinting industry. The brands we carry include SunTek films, FormulaOne Films, Llumar Films, SolarGard  Films, Madico Films, Johnson Films and ASWF Films.



Phoenix Auto Glass Tinting Lifetime "No-Peel" Guarantee

There is a good reason that one auto glass tinting film is much cheaper than another. Cheap auto glass tinting film does not last long, it often bubbles and peels under intense heat. In addition, cheap auto glass tinting film leaves a sticky residue on the auto glass after it peels, which is very difficult to remove. That means that not only will you have to pay for a new tint job, you will also have to pay to have the old tint and tint residue removed from your auto glass windows. It is always better to use a Phoenix auto glass tinting company that uses high quality auto glass tinting film. At Phoenix Auto Glass Tinting, we offer a LIFETIME "No- Peel" GUARANTEE on all of our auto glass tinting films, which means that our auto glass tinting films will not peel, bubble, crease or fade, ever!



We Are BBB Accredited

Auto Glass Tinting Phoenix is fully accredited by the Arizona Better Business Bureau and we are also backed by many other very prestigious organizations such as, the IGA and AGRSS.



Corporate Quality

Don't Live in Arizona?

If you need an auto glass company in another state or metro area, try our affiliates on the local auto glass directory.

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15+ Years Window Tinting Experience
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15+ Years Window Tinting Experience
Services all Vehicle Makes and Models
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"I have based my career around one thing, I know what good work looks like, and I don't settle for anything less"

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